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UX Designer, UI Designer, Service Designer


The reason I want to design this application is that many of my high school old close friends went to study abroad after graduation from our school. Because the time zone difference in the time dimension and the distance in the spatial dimension, I have fewer and fewer contacts with these old close friends. So I want to use this intimate relationship management application to reduce the distance between close friends in time and space dimension. I hope we have healthier and more meaningful social relationships. I hope we can maintain a long-lasting sincere friendship with our close friends, spend and store precious memories together. Make our friendship beyond time and space limit.


The homepage is an interactive earth model, all the close friends will be displayed on this model. Every friend is a anchor point on the model, will show avatar, local time, temperature, holidays, distance from you, how long have you not connect him and your intimacy index. You can turn the earth model to select friends who are not sleeping and contact him easily. The jet lag feature will also push you birthday and holiday wishes reminders based on friend’s local time.